I am 15 years old and I have finished the 3rd class of high school. I’m keen on math, physics, chemistry and computer science. All these subjects are practical, challenging and pleasant for me. I’m interested in computer science and robotics because it never ends, you always have something new to learn and as far and deeper you go you realize that there is much more. Moreover, these fields are not only theoretical. I like the fact that they sharpen your brain because you must provide solutions and allow yourself to express your own ideas. I didn’t decide yet about my future, about what I will study and what profession I will choose. I‘m between medical and robotics. However, I notice that the future in medical is robotics science. In other words, medical is related with robotics science since they use lots of machines to do surgeries and other tasks.

In my free time I like to discover new things, expand my knowledge about the unknown, about the beginning of the world, humanity and the universe. When I feel tired and I want to relax and clear my mind I like to paint and create small machine constructions. My heroes are my parents, but I am also fascinated from the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Stephen William Hawking and all the scientists who changed the world. Personally, I believe that I have patience, perseverance and passion for whatever I decide to do. Furthermore, I am always optimistic and dedicated to my goals.