Robotics is one of those subjects that I am very interested in. There are plenty of thing that interest me about robotics. For starters, with robotics I can really improve my skills in programming and mechanical, electrical and a lot more branches of engineering. Also, after starting engaging in robotics project I have noticed that my social skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills have all improved and that’s important to me. Robotics gave me the opportunity to be able to create anything I want with the only limiting factor being my imagination. But the most important thing for me, that I got out of robotics so far, is that it allowed me to meet people from all over the world. After I finish high school, I want to study engineering. I imagine myself in the future, creating inventing that will make the lives of people all over the planet.

In my spare time when I am not doing something regarding robotics, I love playing the guitar and hanging out with friends around the neighborhood. I also play water-polo which I love because in training I can escape reality for a few hours, have fun and exercise at the same time. My favorite subject at school has to be physics with my favorite chapter being about electricity. I just love learning about the world and how things interact around us. The one person that inspires me to work harder every day, to achieve my dreams is Elon Musk.