I love to create, explore, experiment and observe! Looking back into my childhood I always remembered myself solving puzzles and building complex structures using Lego bricks. As a true believer of science and technology, I am sure that robotics has the potential to make a positive impact on society and work practices thus improving the quality of our life. Scientists can unite the world by sharing their knowledge and creating a culture of collaboration and innovation that will help solve the world’s biggest problems.

At school, Physics and Technology have always been the subjects that I find most interesting and in which I excel. Both subjects improved my ability to research, investigate and solve problems. In addition, I enjoy the experimental aspects where I have been able to carry out and devise experiments that demonstrate or make use of the processes that I have been learning about. Outside school, I enjoy learning about different cultures and as a consequence, I read books and articles that describe the day to day lives and traditions of other countries. I love traveling because it gives me the chance to experience the different cultures and traditions first-hand.